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I'm taking a break – orders are currently disabled. I'll be back soon! Thanks for your support.
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ACNH Street Tiles: How to Make Streets in Animal Crossing

I've spent most of my time in Animal Crossing: New Horizons turning my island into something I love: a city. The most tedious part of that, by far, has been creating a street network throughout the island. To make it easier for others to do this, I'm sharing all the street tiles I've created.


Geting the street tiles with my creator code

You can get the street tile designs from my creator code, which is MA-9259-3017-1956. To use this code, head to the Able Sisters clothing shop on your island and locate the kiosk in the back of the shop. (Don't have the Able Sisters shop yet? Follow this guide.)

Here's what the street tiles look like:

Placing tiles on the ground

Option 1: Custom Designs app

Anyone, at any stage of the game, can place a custom tile on the ground by using the "Custom Designs" app on their Nook Phone. Choose a custom design, select "Place on Ground" and you're set. The design will be placed on the closest empty spot to you on the ground. It's a bit more time-intensive doing it this way, but it is how I made most of my streets.

Option 2: Island Designer app

If you've got to the point of the game where KK has played a concert and you've unlocked the Island Designer app, using that will save you a fair amount of time when placing repeated tiles on the ground.


Making a basic street

Now that you've got the basics down, you can start to piece together the tiles I've supplied to make some streets. Let's start with a basic street, an east-west street with a simple two-block-wide sidewalk.

Check out the above image to see how the individual tiles form a street. The names shown on the right correspond to the names of the designs you'll download.

Adding crosswalks

There are no automobiles in Animal Crossing, so there's no danger in walking anywhere of the street, of course. Regardless, crosswalks can add some extra detail to your streets. The crosswalks are simply one tile repeated between the sidewalks: Crosswalk N-S or Crosswalk E-W depending on which direction your street is.


The tiles also include ways to make your streets turn. Above, you can see how individual tiles turn into a curve in the street. it takes a number of tiles to make one turn! Note that for the dotted lines in the center of the street, I've only included two directions of turning. For the rest, you can make your own or simply leave the street empty with the empty "Street" tile.

Capping it off

Lastly, the tiles include curved "caps" for the ends of your sidewalk. These aren't totally necessary, but will make your roads feel smoother! There are four tiles for this, one for each rounded corner.

Bonus: plaza pattern

The tile pack also includes a "Concrete" tile which is a bit lighter than the "Sidewalk" pattern. Checker-board them like this to make some beautiful plazas.

I hope you enjoy these! I'm looking forward to seeing all of your islands.